What other people say...

Tony works hard and is confident.  He transfers these traits, its infectious!  He's generous.  He continually demonstrates his ability to grasp and understand the financial industry issues and very generously shares this knowledge.  He makes good use of the social media and technology which enables him to be very accessible.  As a presenter, Tony is fluent, engaging and professional.  He stays on track and fits in a mountain of relevant information with ease.
Rosemary Hassan, CFP.  Owner, Hassan & Associates.

Tony offers valuable expertise and has the experience in the real world as a self employed financial adviser and the corporate world too.   Given the amount of change and the new regulatory environment in financial services, Tony's work is invaluable both for training and as my business mentor.
Lawrence Diack.  Owner, Saving Kiwi's Financial Solutions Ltd.

The most relevant and practical training I have attended in a long time....briliiant and it filled out a lot of the missing pieces for me in the advice process.
Nick McCorkindale, AFA. Owner, Mortgage Minders

I have always been impressed with Tony's professionalism, his work ethics and integrity, his ability to work with others and his ability to finish tasks.  Tony is among a select few internationally who hold possibly the highest formal educational qualifications in the financial services profession.  These have been achieved by dedication and self motivation over several years.  He has served tirelessly as either a member of the board of the Institute of Financial Advisers or as a member of the Council including sub committees for many years.  Tony is an outstanding professional who is willing to share his time and his talents to grow the financial services profession and its people.
George Elkington, CFP.  Past President, Institute of Financial Advisers.

Tony was very productive in his time with Fidelity Life.  His versatility allowed him to pick up quickly the demands of the new roles and make an immediate impact.  During this time he had to deal with some difficult issues and he was able to resolve these in an effective manner.  Tony is a very positive person who likes structure in the way he operates.  He is a very good strategic thinker and one of the most knowledgeable people in the life insurance industry.  We were sorry to lose a person of Tony's talents but are looking to retain our relationship with him into the future.

Milton Jennings.  CEO, Fidelity Life Assurance Company Ltd.

Tony is the most professional and most highly respected business partner in our industry.  His knowledge and experience is legendary, and readily accessible.  This industry needs more leaders with his passion.
Steve Benton, CFP.  Director, HFK (Rutherford Rede) Ltd

I have worked with Tony for three years now and find him to be an extremely good communicator and great strategist.  He has the ability to take any issue and look at it critically and then develope strategies to deal with it effectively.  Tony is a very direct person who I feel has a great ability to get people on side and moving in the right direction. His work and knowledge in the professional development sphere is well respected as well.
Nigel Tate, CFP, CLU, F Fin. President and Director, Institute of Financial Advisers.

Tony is extremely knowledgeable, and able to make complex information easy to understand.  He is very professional, honest and up front, and it is a pleasure to deal with him.
Carol Garrett.  Director, UK Pension Transfers Ltd.

I've worked with Tony as a colleague on the Institute of Financial Advisers Board for 5 years.  Tony is dedicated, hard working and absolutely committed to raising the standards of professionalism for financial advisers to better serve the consumers of NZ.  He's never afraid to ask the hard questions and he's a very sharp strategic thinker, but he influences people rather than imposes his thinking on others, and is co-operative and fun to work with.
Lyn McMorran, CFP.  Area Manager Southern, Westpac Private Bank.  Past President, Institute of Financial Advisers.

Tony has the best insight into how the new regulatory regime will work in our industry of anyone I've met at a life company.  His clear thinking and relentless focus make him a great asset.
Russell Hutchinson.  Owner, Chatswood Consulting Ltd.

Tony is outcome focussed but strongly process oriented.  His communication skills are well honed, he understands the psychology behind his management and sales tactics, and is well suited to dealing with potentially confrontational situations by virtue of skill set and personality type.  I have the utmost respect and admiration for Tony.
Mike Barnes.  Director, Kinetic Planning Ltd.

I think Tony's most striking attribute is his intellect.  The string of letters after his name give a clue, but confirmation of a prodigious mind is gained after just a few minutes conversation with him. Tony has a long experience in his chosen field, as an adviser at the "coal face", from where he developed a successful team within his advisory practice, before moving into his managerial role at Fidelity Life.  There he deals with the many technical issues involved in overhauling older style savings and insurance products to make them more competitive within the current investment and insurance environment.  In this capacity he has the daunting task of satisfying the expectations of the consumer, the servicing adviser and the product provider, all against the backdrop of massive regulatory change impacting the financial services industry, through which Tony moves adroitly as a positive force majeure.
Ross Barnhill.  Self employed Financial Adviser.

Tony has an uncanny strategic ability and skills to see the "big picture" while not ignoring the details.  He is personable and easy to get along with but has a clear vision of what is required in his role.  I commend Tony to any role he feels confident to undertake and I would happily work with him again at any time.
Garth Clarricoats.  Director, Optimum Professional Services Ltd.

During my two years working with Tony I have experienced a number of qualities; Tony is prepared to listen and has thoughtful and constructive opinions on subject matters.  You can rely on Tony's honesty, his word, integrity and confidentiality.  Above all, Tony gets along with anybody - this quality is rare and is what makes Tony such a great person to work with and create a friendship with.
Mario Juran.  Director, Arbitrage Wealth Management Ltd.

I worked with Tony as a fellow director at the Institute of Financial Advisers.  Tony's contribution was always useful, measured, and well considered.  He thought at a strategic level but was also supportive and considerate of management.  Tony got on with most people, but was also prepared to raise important problems in a sensitive way.  I would be happy to recommend Tony as a board member in many areas of business.
Ferne Bradley.  Owner, Mackintosh Bradley & Price.

I have known Tony for over 15 years and have had dealings with him in many different roles.  I have always enjoyed dealing with Tony because he is a straight shooter who has the ability to think at a strategic level, yet understands the impacts of strategy at an operational level.  He is passionate about the advice industry, a trait which we share, and is able to add value where ever he gets involved.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tony.
Barry Read. Director, IDS Ltd.

I have worked with Tony as part of the Financial Services Industry Association collective - FAANZ.  Tony is a strong team member with the ability to provide clear and concise strategic thinking.  He has very strong interpersonal skills that allow him to communicate clearly with a wide range of people and certainly lead industry groups.
Darren Pratley, BCM. Chairman, New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Asociation.

Tony has worked with us at TNP in his professional capacity at Fidelity Life.  I have always valued the input Tony has made to us.  His knowledge of the changes our industry is going through right now is invaluable.  He has helped us imensely in getting to understand the environment  we are dealing with. Tony is a passionate committed individual.
Jeff Page.  Owner, The National Partnership

I have had many occasions to talk with Tony and have always gone away with a sense of enthusiasm.  Tony is extremely knowledgeable in a wide range of areas and is always prepared to share his experience.
Phil Holland, BMS, CFP, CLU.  General Manager, Financial Independence Ltd.

Tony is able to make complex information simple and easy to understand.  Highly professional, thorough in his knowledge and able to use it effectively to impart appropriately, inceasing the knowledge of the audience, be it one or many, motivating them to increase levels of business production.
Sandra Clark.  Director, Pastures Green 2009 Ltd.

Tony has in depth knowledge of the insurance and investment industry in NZ, its challenges concerning legislative changes and the future for advisers.  He has experience both as a working adviser and in management roles, and has provided sound advice regarding running our business, future planning and adviser training.
Eru Manuera.  Owner, Insurance Solutions.

Tony is incredibly organized and very professional in anything he does.  I invited Tony to take a seat on my newly formed board - his depth of knowledge is outstanding. Tony completely set up the governance over the business ensuring we structured the board to assist a rapidly growing export business.  Tony could handle any situation - he is a fabulous mentor and a very hard working Chairman.
Carol McGeady.  Managing Director, Cariboo NZ Ltd.

In 2009 Tony was appointed a Director in Cariboo NZ Ltd, a company that makes and exports nursery furniture.  He took the position of chairman and was very diligent and competent in the way he ran the meetings.  There were different factions within the board that required great diplomacy in dealing with issues that arose, with widely differing views coming froim those factions.  He also did a great deal of work behind the scene in setting this business up for possible future expansion.  His shift to Auckland meant he could no longer discharge his obligations as a Director, and so he retired.  His professional appoach in all the dealings while on the board will be sadly missed and if he chose to embark on a similar position I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective organisation.
Peter Sturge.  Owner, Cambridge Discounts Ltd.

I have worked alongside or in relation to Tony for at least 20 years.  He stands out as a very professional and well educated person for his various positions and is well respected in the industry for his knowledge, in particular with upcoming changes the industry is currently faced with.
John Campbell.  Owner, CII Group.

I have worked with Tony both as colleagues for the same company many years ago, and as my BDM at Fidelity Life.  Tony is the most professional, thorough and challenging BDM I have ever encountered in my 24 years in the industry.  He is always ready to help with advice, challenge your thinking but support your final decisions on things.  His industry knowledge is second to none and I have great respect for his abilities to mentor and assist others to achieve their goals.
Michael Bennett.  Owner, Acorn Insurance & Investment Ltd.

I have known Tony is his roles as a business owner, and at Fidelity, and in the IFA management.  He is a thorough professional in all he does.  He is a detailed, clear and thoughtful student of our industry.  Tony is always willing to share his knowledge and help others to develop their professional approach to financial advice.
Greg Hart.  Owner, The Sterling Group.

I have known Tony Vidler for several years and I have great respect for his ability, perception and understanding of governance and other corporate issues.  While Tony has a strong and decisive nature, he has the ability to work as an effective team member.  I have confidence in Tony's ability to resolve issues and problems both inside and outside the square.
Kevin O'Gorman.  Owner, Christchurch Insurance, Investment and Superannuation Ltd.

Tony as Managing Director was always well organised, and an excellent time manager whose skills ensured a smoothly run team.  A believer in continual upskilling of himself, and this rubs off on those he works with.  He has motivated me to continue my education and progress within the industry.  As a team member/adviser he willingly shared his knowledge and expertise with those lesser qualified and experienced.
Paula Margot, CLU.   Owner, Future Life Solutions Ltd.