Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hustle while you wait!

by Tony Vidler.

One of the constant themes that comes up in coaching advisers to greater business performance, is the little matter of "hustling".

I'm not referring to getting out and pulling fast cons and sharp card tricks on unsuspecting folk of course...but the really simple and somewhat unpalatable fact that a seriously large part of any business persons success can simply be attributed to their ability to hustle while they wait.

It's about a work ethic.

As a general rule, very few advisers can afford to simply wait for the right, well qualified, potential customer to come walking through the office door announcing "I am ready to engage in a comprehensive financial review process - who wants to serve me?"

The unpalatable fact is that in the financial services business, advisers are usually as busy as they want to be.  There is a definite correlation between getting stuck in with a strong work ethic, and getting good business results.

As the diagram above shows, you have to be willing to make a good effort on the basic activities that generate results in your business, AND you do have to get stuck into it as quickly as possible IF you want to put the odds of success in your favor.

Make a little bit of an effort....eventually....and you cannot really expect great results can you?   You will probably get some results if you make a massive effort eventually....or perhaps put in just enough effort right now to get by.

Fantastic results come from getting into doing what you have to do as soon as possible, and putting maximum effort into it at that point.  

Not every week in business goes according to the grand fact, usually no week actually works out the way we imagined it would (or should).  That elusive customer who is going to walk in demanding your services at a premium price may well be coming, but in the meantime you have to get busy if you want to prosper.

Good things come to those who hustle while they wait.

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